International Robots Competition 2020
About Us
International Robot Competition (IRC)
IRC is global scaled robot competition for young generation.
IRC is widely open to youngsters aged over 4 who like to build robots and even don’t know much about robots.
IRC offers not only competition but also a variety of programs including science experiment, camps, and social activities.
IRC will be to the right place to share future-oriented and constructive ideas among robot teachers, and experts from all over the world.

MRT STEAM International Education and Consulting LTD.
MRT STEAM as a contamporary education organization in Istanbul,
Use teaching techniques focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, known as STEAM all over the world.
MRT STEAM provides necessary opportunities for students and individuals who are interested in robotics and want to improve themselves through national and international robotic and coding by the help of competitions and educational events.
These competitions and events improve innovative (creative) and algorithmic (systematic) thinking skills by contributing to students' cognitive, social and emotional development.
The company carries out systematic robotic trainings aiming to increase individuals' skills of discovering their own talents like generating ideas, solving problems , and being successful team member.
Our students transform their imaginations into innovative ideas and products and they learn by "doing and living" it. They notice interactions between the individual, environment, society and technology.
MRT STEAM aim to teach the future language coding and robotics for gainning 21st century skills for all people at any age from all over the World.

Albiruni Institute for Languages and Science:
The Al-Biruni Nonprofit Organization is an educational organization established to increase access to STEAM(Science,Technology,Engineering,Arts and Mathematics) for early childhood, elementary and high school students in all the world.
Albiruni mission is to teach skills in technology, engineering, arts, math and science. Every child has the right to an education in STEAM.
Al-Biruni believes in the importance of teaching STEAM to students with learning difficulties and special needs and works hard to ensure that our programs are adapted and accessible for the widest possible range of people. We maintain that STEAM education should start as early as possible and invest time, energy and resources into producing materials and programs that are suitable for children age 3-6. Al-Biruni acknowledges that girls are under-represented in scientific careers and one of our missions is to encourage girls to take part in robotics and engineering classes and competitions.

A center specialized in teaching children from 6 to 17 years of age languages ​​and programming languages, as well as opening the way to the child who is creative with invention and innovation, and to enter the world of robotics and programming from its wide door, established to increase access to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) for early childhood students, primary and secondary schools in the world.
NEWGATEROBOT'S mission is to teach skills in the fields of technology, engineering, mathematics and science Many of our activities today are available all over the world 
It is the first center of its kind in Algeria. Children registered in the center can participate in national and international camps and competitions every year and possess international certificates in the world of robotics, languages ​​and programming languages.